Friday, December 2, 2016

Cream of Tomato Soup

Cream of Tomato Soup

 4 cups chopped fresh tomatoes 
 1 onion, chopped
 4 whole cloves 
 6-8 peppercorns 
 1 teaspoon brown sugar 
 1 teaspoon sea salt 
 4 sprigs parsley 
 3 tablespoons butter 
 3 tablespoons flour 
 1 1/2 cups chicken broth 
 1 cup heavy cream                   


 1. Simmer the tomatoes, onion, cloves, peppercorns, sugar, 
salt, and parsley together for 10 minutes. Run through a food mill. 

 2. Melt the butter; add flour and stir until golden. Pour in 
chicken broth and stir until thickened. Add the tomato mixture 
and simmer 5 minutes; cool slightly before adding cream.
 Heat through, but do not boil. 

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